Harvard University:

Spring 2024

Gov 97

Opportunity Politics

Section Head, Harvard Department of Government Sophomore Tutorial. Original Syllabus available upon request

Fall 2023

Gov 2490/SUP 448 (Graduate)

Political Economy of the School

Teaching Fellow with Paul Peterson, Harvard GSAS and Harvard Kennedy School (Cross-Listed)

(Section Materials Available on Request)

Spring 2022

Gov 2039 (Graduate)

Political Theory Field Seminar

Teaching Fellow/Co-Teacher with Michael Rosen and Lucas Stanczyk, Harvard FAS

Fall 2021

Gov 1780

International Political Economy

Head Teaching Fellow with Jeffry Frieden, Harvard FAS and DCE

(Section Materials Available on Request)

Spring 2021

Gov 1049

Ethics and Public Policy

Teaching Fellow with Eric Beerbohm, Harvard FAS

Fall 2020

Gov 20

Foundations of Comparative Politics

Teaching Fellow with Steven Levitsky, Harvard FAS

the University of Chicago

AY 2015-2016

College Core Tutor - Economics

Fall 2013- Winter 2014

Math 131/132 

Elementary Functions and Calculus I-II

Junior Tutor with Bena Tsishiku, University of Chicago Department of Mathematics